Welcome to my first ever blog!
My name is Peter and I am a professional bicycle mechanic who has a passion for anything with two wheels. I've been a professional bike mechanic for nearly 5 years now, and an amateur one for most of my life..... I just like fixing stuff in general I suppose! 

I'm based in Farnborough, Hampshire.
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By Peter Atkin 03 Aug, 2017

I was removing (well, trying to) a SRAM 10-42 cassette from an XD freehub body which had, unknown to me, been overtightened. All the splines sheared off with a bang leaving it utterly impossible to remove cassette from freehub body. That's £300+ at RRP wrecked.

Just a warning - FFS - Fit them with a torque wrench! It's 40Nm, the same as any cassette. And grease/anti seize the threads too.

As you can see here the splines are long and thin and once they're gone, that's it. You're buggered.

By Peter Atkin 01 Aug, 2017

Many years ago (well, Halloween 2006 to be precise) I snapped my Sanderson running into the front of a parked car.

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